What is Spacchetti?

This is a guide for the Package Set project Spacchetti, which provides a way to work with package definitions for Psc-Package using the Dhall programming language. This guide will also try to guide you through some of the details of how Psc-Package itself works, and some details about the setup of this project and how to use Dhall.

It’s a package set for psc-package that uses a language that almost acts like SASS for JSON/YAML, but has types and much more.

Why should I use Spacchetti over normal Psc-Package?

First, make sure to read the short explanation of Psc-Package: https://spacchetti.readthedocs.io/en/latest/intro.html

Then read the explanation of why and how Dhall is used: https://spacchetti.readthedocs.io/en/latest/why-dhall.html

In short, because package sets are annoying to edit when they’re only in JSON form, but using Dhall can make working with this information much easier.

Does Spago replace Psc-Package?

Yes and no. See the Spago project for the full details on what it is and how it is the similar and different from Psc-Package: https://github.com/spacchetti/spago